Vintage Hickory Shaft Wooden Golf Club Guides

Antique Golf Collectibles: by Pete Georgiady

Identification & Value Guide

Antique Golf Collectibles Identification and Value Guide

Hardcover 9" wide x 11" high – Illustrated, April 1, 2006

Antique Golf Collectibles, Identification & Value Guide; Clubs, Balls, Books, Ceramics, Metal-wares, Ephemera

by Pete Georgiady (Author), Richard Walker (Photographer)

This book covers golf memorabilia to see how comics, old photographs, postage stamps, postcards, jewelry, ceramics, silverware, and toys from the United States and Britain characterize golf themes that have been incorporated into the form of everyday items for over a century.

In the world of sports, golf stands unique. Its memorabilia goes back over two centuries and it offers old hickory wood golf club collectors an enormous breadth of items to accumulate, much at very affordable prices.

There are 750 color photographs in this volume that provide a valuable introduction to the different categories of golf collectibles.

Antique golf clubs and balls, the heart of the game, are covered in detail.

Museum quality pieces are presented along with items still available at flea markets and swap meets.

This book guides the collector on a tour of the many facets of golf and demonstrates that there is still plenty of opportunity to develop a collection of golf items.

Book Review

This book offers an exciting look into the past and how golf has played a major roll in the culture of our society. It offers a colorful look into the past through many photos detailing golf's history of creative character and involvement is everyday life.

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  • Antique Golf Collectibles Identification and Value Guide4 Acknowledgments
  • 5 Introduction
  • 7 Collecting Golf Clubs
    • 8 The Oldest Clubs
    • 14 British Clubs from the Turn of the Century
    • 22 American Clubs from the Turn of the Century
    • 30 Patent Clubs: Some Collectors' Favorites
    • 52 Twentieth Century Woods
    • 60 Twentieth Century Irons
    • 75 Putters
    • 101 Into the Modern Era
    • 107 Related Golf Club Items
  • 115 Collecting Golf Balls
    • 116 The Oldest Balls
    • 118 Gutta Percha Balls.
    • 126 Early Rubber-Core Balls
    • 143 Rubber-Core Balls between the Wars
    • 168 Modern Balls
    • 171 Miscellaneous Balls
    • 173 Golf Ball Boxes
    • 180 Ball-Related Golf Items
  • 182 Tees
  • 190 Golf Books
    • 212 Programs, Booklets, and Other Bound Golf Items
    • 221 Comic Books
  • 233 Ephemera (Paper)
    • 234 Cigarette Cards
    • 235 Old Photographs
    • 239 Bits of Paper and Plastic, Big and Small
    • 243 Cigarette Silks
    • 244 Postcards
    • 258 Postage Stamps
  • 262 Silver
    • 265 Silver Trophies
  • 266 Prints
  • 268 Ceramics & Glass
  • 279 Jewelry
  • 281 Metalwares
  • 290 Toys & Games
  • 293 Household Stuff
  • 299 The Kitchen Sink

There are lots of books on golf collectibles out there. However, Antique Golf Collectibles newly released from Collector Books is one of the best organized and delivered of them all. The wide coverage includes clubs, balls, ceramics, metal wares, and all sorts of (paper) ephemera. "Golf is older than soccer, tennis, and the modern Olympics," notes author Pete Georgiady. "It is still a relatively quite pastime. It's not overcrowded and the items are not overpriced."

Synopsis: About Antique Golf Collectibles: by Pete Georgiady

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