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Antique Golf Collectables Identification and Value GuideAntique Golf Collectibles Identification & Value Guide

In the world of sports, golf stands unique. Its memorabilia goes back over two centuries and it offers old hickory wood golf club collectors an enormous breadth of items to accumulate, much at very affordable prices. The 750 color photographs in this volume provide an introduction to the different categories of golf collectibles. Antique golf clubs and balls, the heart of the game, are covered in detail. Books about golf, comics, old photographs, postage stamps, postcards, jewelry, ceramics, silverware, and toys from the United States and Britain show how golf themes have been incorporated into the form of everyday items for over a century. Museum quality pieces are presented along with items still available at flea markets and swap meets. This book guides the collector on a tour of the many facets of golf and demonstrates that there is still plenty of opportunity to develop a collection of golf items.

Antique Golf Collectibles: A Price and Reference GuideAntique Golf Collectibles: A Price and Reference Guide

It's All Here! Thousands of items listed with prices and photos In depth chapters on: History of golf Collecting Societies Clubs Balls Autographs Tees Books Art Ceramics and Glass Medals and Trophies Trading Cards Silver and Gold New Chapters: Golf Bags Auctions

The best collector's resource available on golf - including clubs, balls, autographs, trophies, books, and more! Whatever you want to know about golf collectibles, this is the book you need. By far, the most comprehensive price and identification guide for the golf collector.

Includes manufacture and product histories to make this an enjoyable read, not just a must-have price guide. Includes triple grade guide to thousands of the most sought collectibles.

Wood Shafted Golf Club Value GuideWood Shafted Golf Club Value Guide

Over 300 photographs and over 6000 values on antique wood shaft golf clubs for collectors and historians. Invaluable if you already own a number of clubs or to build a collection.

Peter Georgiady is recognized as one of the most scholarly collectors in the world. A resident of North Carolina, he attended law school at Dundee University in Scotland. He is known as one of the most knowledgeable historians on antique wood golf club descriptions and values.

It was during his time in Scotland that he developed his passionate interest in the history of golf club making. Pete is one of the most knowledgeable experts in Antique Golf club market, and he is known world wide as the go to guy for historical golf club information.

Collecting Antique Golf ClubsCollecting Antique Golf Clubs

An illustrated antique wood golf club collector's guide that is easy to read and packed with vital information for identifying antique clubs. It includes the following information:

Definitions and descriptions of golf club construction.

The evolution age of wood golf clubs.

Thoughts on collecting and buying wooden antique hickory golf clubs.

Historical sketches of famous clubs including some that were outlawed.

By Peter Georgiady

Cleek Marks and Trademarks on Antique Golf ClubsCleek Marks and Trademarks on Antique Golf Clubs

A pictorial guide to identifying cleek marks, makersí marks and trademarks on wood shaft golf clubs (1880-1935).Includes over 600 Cleek Marks, makers marks, model marks and registered trademarks on British, American and foreign clubs. Each mark with accompanying photo or illustration.

Golf's Cleek Makers and Cleek Marks

Anvils, arrows, flowers, crosses, shamrocks, stars, knots,
anchors, regent lions, rearing horses, pipes, keys, hearts, hands, knights
and Scots are all traditional symbols used to identify different cleek
makers. These marks, made from simple pictures, were usually stamped on
the back of the club iron head by the cleek-maker.

What's a Cleek?

In golf, a cleek is the name of a number-one iron which has very little loft to the club face. Some suggest that this early straight faced iron originally was required to hit a ball out of deep wagon ruts.

There were Maxwell cleeks that had holes drilled in the hosel to reduce club weight, and putting cleeks with long, shallow faces but less loft than an ordinary cleek, designed for use on rough greens. However among collectors of antique golf clubs, cleek has come to refer to something more.

Antique Golf Cleek Marks and Trademarks

The difference between a Cleek Maker and a Club Maker

Generally, cleek-maker and cleek mark are terms used to describe the maker of the iron club heads and the pictorial insignia used to mark the club head. Traditionally, cleek-makers produced just the heads of the clubs while club-makers were the ones who finished the club by adding the shaft and other finishing touches.

The Club makers Art: Antique Golf Clubs and Their HistoryThe Clubmaker's Art: Antique Golf Clubs & Their History

The Clubmaker's Art is the most complete, authoritative, and stunningly beautiful book ever produced on antique golf clubs. Eminent golf club collector, dealer, and historian, Jeffery Ellis leads you on an incredible journey into the minds and workshops of golf's greatest craftsmen, exploring the remarkable evolution of golf equipment. Sumptuously illustrated with 800 full-color photographs depicting more than 640 antique clubs, The Clubmaker's Art reveals the most astonishing array of sporting equipment ever assembled.

Detailing more than 1000 rare and innovative clubs, it brings to life the fascinating artisans who created and used them. Combining insightful historical information with entertaining anecdotes and quotations, Ellis vividly captures the exquisite artistry of the game and its equipment. For everyone who loves golf, it is ideal for collectors and students of the game.

The Encyclopedia of Golf Collectables: A Collectors Identification and Value GuideThe Encyclopedia of Golf Collectibles:

A Collector's Identification and Value Guide

Chips away prices for all golf memorabilia, Balls, books, painting -- 2,000 fully illustrated items include names of craftsmen, manufacturers, artist, authors and detailed inventories. Ideal for dating any kind of golf memorabilia.


Authors John M. Olman, Morton W. Olman
Contributor John M. Olman
Edition illustrated
Publisher Books Americana, 1985
ISBN 0896890503, 9780896890503
Length 306 pages

Collectable Golfing NoveltiesCollectible Golfing Novelties

Whether you play golf, collect golfing memorabilia for the sake of a good investment, or simply enjoy the classic look, Collectible Golfing Novelties presents it all.


Beverly Robb

The author displays old clubs and equipment, as well as magazines, books, smoking and bar accessories, jewelry, figurines, games, pottery, and more! Find out who the golfing greats were and expand the knowledge and appreciation of your collection through a wealth of photographs offered in the book. Over 500 years of golf memorabilia is presented in full color in a complete and organized manner. Over 500 photographs render a classic game with overwhelming collectibles. Don't miss it. Includes a price guide for collectors.


Gilchrist's Guide to Golf CollectiblesGilchrist's Guide to Golf Collectibles

The largest assembly of Major Championship golf memorabilia ever compiled in one reference. Thousands of illustrations and prices for programs, tickets, badges, and competitor badges are here for all of golf's major championships --- both men and women. Autographs of almost all the winners, and collectible golf books. Golf Collectibles by Roger E. Gilchrist and Mark Emerson is the definitive guide to the hobby of collecting Golf Memorabilia.


The front half of the book consists of tournament-related memorabilia. The next section is alphabetical listings for over 10,000 golf books with current market values. Gilchrist and Emerson's Golf Collectibles is the collector's handbook for anyone interested in collecting or selling golf memorabilia of all kinds.


The Vintage Era of Golf Club Collectibles: Identification & Value GuideThe Vintage Era of Golf Club Collectibles:

Identification & Value Guide


Focuses on the vintage era from the 1920s through the 1940s. Over 450 color photos. Main sections include woods, irons, putters, adjustable clubs, fancy club faces, wedges and utility irons, shafts and grips comparisons, grading and condition scales, 2001 values, and a glossary. Manufacturers represented include Allied, MacGregor, Wilson, Spalding, and McGill. 2002 values.

The Golf Club 400 Years

The Golf Club 400 Years of History

The Art of Golf Antiques
A Photographic History

The Art Of Golf Antiques: A Photographic History

Golf Antiques And Other Treasures Of The Game

Golf Antiques And Other Treasures Of The Game

Golf's Golden Age

Golf's Golden Age


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