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Best Golf Movies and DVD's

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2007 - Who's Your Caddy?

Starring Big Boi, Lil Wayne, Faizon Love

Superstar rap mogul C-Note runs into fierce opposition when he tries to join the super stuffy Carolina Pines Golf & Country Club. Undeterred, C-Note gets the brilliant idea to buy the land adjacent to the golf club's 17th hole, which he cleverly leverages to gain membership. C-Note's crew wreaks havoc as they bring their larger-than-life style to the club. Comedy PG-13

2006 - Foursome

Starring Kevin Dillon & John Shaw

Four high school friends reunite at their twenty year reunion and agree to meet for a life changing game of golf. But not all have the same motives. The group of friends realizes how much they've changed in the years since graduation. Comedy

2005 - The Greatest Game Ever Played

Starring: Shia LeBeouf, Stephen Dillane, Stephen Marcus

One of the most inspirational golf films ever produced, it tells the unlikely success of Francis Ouimet (LeBeouf), an amateur who shocked the world when he defeated Harry Vardon (Dillane) and Ted Ray (Marcus) at the 1913 U.S. Open. This movie contains some of the most imaginative and aesthetically pleasing golfing scenes ever to appear on the big screen.

2004 - Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius

Starring: James Caviezel, Malcom McDowell, Aidan Quinn

Despite retiring from competitive golf at age 28, Bobby Jones is still considered by many as the greatest amateur golfer of all time. The highlights of his life and career are featured in this biopic, which earned high marks for solid acting and an enthusiastic approach. This films provides an excellent opportunity to learn about one of the most pivotal figures in the history of the sport.

2002 - The Greenskeeper

Starring Allelon Ruggiero & Bruce Taylor

The quiet, priveliged existences of the rich and beautiful people of Summerisle Country Club are shattered when the demented greenskeeper grows tired of being a second class citizen. The demented killer is portrayed by hot-tempered, opinionated Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker. R

2002 - Mulligan

Starring Steve Lottery, Joshua Will, Cedric Yarbrough, Trei Michaels, Alex Cole

Story of four friends, one crazy round of golf, and the not so easy game of life. Mulligan is a term frequently used in golf, which means "do-over, a second chance." This theme plays out throughout the film with a parallel between life and one round of golf for four good friends. This relationship reflects their attitudes, behavior and characteristics throughout the game and relating them to how they live their lives.

2001 - The Sports Pages

Starring Kelsey Grammer & Bob Newhart: Two short comedies exploring sports and everyday people.

1st. How Doc Waddems Finally Broke 100, concerns a golfing fanatic (Bob Newhart) on trial for the murder of his putting partner (Kelsey Grammer), who had been tormenting him throughout their game. 2nd. The Heidi Bowl, a fictionalized recreation of the infamous 1968 Super Bowl broadcast, which a rookie technician cut off the last few seconds of the very tense game. PG-13

2001 - The Boys of Sunset Ridge

Starring John Heard, Burt Young, Ronny Cox
This is a wonderful story about friendships and the game of golf that has helped them to keep those life-long friends. What started as fun, grew to have much more meaning than a game.

2001 - A Gentleman’s Game

Starring: Mason Gamble, Gary Sinise, Philip Baker Hall

Telling the tale of an aspiring 12-year-old golfer Timmy Price. The youngster thinks he’s getting good golf experience when he caddies at a local country club over the summer, but he ends up learning just as much about class and society from his new gig. This is a coming-of-age story, “R” rating

2000 - The Legend of Bagger Vance

Starring: Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron + Jack Lemmon’s final performance

This movie is about many things besides golf. It is a love story, it displays the hardships born from both World War I and the Great Depression, and it conveys the difficulties associated with alcoholism. Damon plays Rannulph Junuh, who is convinced to play in a match against Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen at the urging of mysterious caddy Bagger Vance (Smith)

1999 - Miracle on the 17th Green

Starring Robert Urich & Meredith Baxter

Robert Urich as Mitch McKinley, a successful ad executive with a nice job and great home-life worked out. When at the age of 50, Mitch suddenly loses his job, he takes this twist of fate and runs with it. Surprisingly, he devotes his time to golf, with the goal of making the PGA Senior Tour.

1998 - National Lampoon's Golf Punks

Starring Tom Arnold

Arnold stars as a down-and-out golf pro who must transform a rowdy bunch of juvenile delinquents (the titular golf punks) into "tee totters" in order to restore his tarnished reputation. PG

1996 - Tin Cup

Starring: Kevin Costner, Rene Russo, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin

Avid golfer Kevin Costner stars as Roy McAvoy, a down-on-his-luck pro who lives in a glorified trailer at a dilapidated driving range he owns in West Texas. McAvoy tries to qualify for the U.S. Open in order to turn his life around. Costner and performances by Don Johnson as his archrival and a comedic supporting performance by Cheech Marin light up the film.

1996 - Happy Gilmore

Starring: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Carl Weathers

Sandler plays Gilmore, a hockey player possessed with the right kind of fierce temperament for the game. But he finds that his hockey shooting style translates into the kind of tee shots that would make John Daly green with envy.

1988 - Dead Solid Perfect

Starring: Randy Quaid, Kathryn Harrold, Jack Warden

Dan Jenkins, one of the best American sportswriters of the past 50 years, wrote two of the best books about football and golf, respectively. “Semi-Tough” focused on exploits on the gridiron, while “Dead Solid Perfect” followed the fictional journey of a second-rate golfer who traversed the country trying desperately to make the PGA Tour, at the same time dealing with a foundering marriage and party-hearty lifestyle.

1980 - Caddyshack

Starring: Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, Bill Murray

The 1980 comedy stars some of the most popular TV personalities of the day — based about a scheme by an obnoxious developer — Dangerfield — to build condos on the site of a country club. What people remember most is Dangerfield’s non-stop barrage of one-liners and gags, and Murray’s insane battle with a pesky gopher“ Caddyshack” is, (inflation adjusted) the highest-grossing golf movie.

1953 - The Caddy

Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Donna Reed

Few duos have generated more laughs than Martin and Lewis. Their hilarity is on full display in this film, which chronicles a golfer-turned-instructor-turned-caddy (Lewis) and his talented student (Martin). While their exploits on the golf course end up producing disastrous, and funny, results, they are redeemed by what they are able to achieve in the entertainment world.

1952 - Pat and Mike

Starring Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn

Pat's a brilliant athlete, except when her domineering fiancé is around. The lady's golf championship is in her reach until she gets flustered by his presence at the final holes. She enlists the help of Mike, a slightly shady sports promoter. Together they face challenges, and a growing mutual attraction.

1951 - Follow The Sun

Starring: Glenn Ford, Anne Baxter

This biography of Ben Hogan is a powerful movie thanks to the man’s incredible story. From his poor upbringing in Texas to rising to the top of professional golf and his incredible comeback after a near-fatal car accident. This is the type of story that is completely real, and features amazing golf sequences in the film: Ben Hogan hit the shots himself.

1935 - Three Little Beers

Starring: The Three Stooges

An American classic, this short film is one of the most famous to emerge from the Stooges' considerably comedic repertoire. The three brothers head for a golf tournament, though none of the three is completely sure what golf really is.